Sport Activities

Beach Volley

Where to play? – Nova Icaria Beach, next to the Olimpic Port of Barcelona, all year long… Have a look on this web page: Voley Playa BCN

Swimming and Fitness

There are plenty of possibilities for swimming in Barcelona. In case you don’t want to swim in the meditarenean, you can enter a Swimming Club, visit one of the public Swimming Pools or join a Fitness Club.
The cheapest way is probably going to a public swimming Pools or a swimm club, which usually have bigger Pools and more lanes. Often these facilities are combined with a Fitness Studio and maybe even Sauna and Jacussi, but depending on what you are interested it is better to have a close look at the equipement and facilities before you join.

Ping Pong

Table tennis is old fashioned? – Yes it is. But you are old school and retro and you wear your 15 year old Converse, otherwise you wouldn’t live in Barcelona. So remember the times when you were running around the table playing with this small racket or whatever you had, your french book or even your hands – it was fun, wasn’t it? Time to do it again. In Barcelone you will find dozends of places where you can play table tennis. Do you want to be trendy?

Snowboarding / Skiing

Skiing in Spain? – Barcelona is only 150-200km from the Pyrenees skiing resorts. They are not the Alps, but they arn’t bad at all. For free-riding there is little snow, but to run on the slopes it’s quite good. You can take the train to Puigcerda which stops in Placa Catalunya at 7:00am and drop off at “La Molina”. There you take a Bus up the hill. It takes you about 3 hours to get there (the train is incredibly slow) and there is a combination ticket for train and skiing resort, it’s only about 35 Euros. In the afternoon the train leaves Molina at 17:00h and 19:00h. You can also go to Andorra which has five skiing resorts. Best way to get there is the bus leaving at Estació Sants. There are packages for several days.

La Molina Skiing Resort

Masella Skiing Resort…