Reisen & Transport

Metro and Buses
The metro transport system is very good in Barcelona, it runs at least until midnight – on weekends until 2 or 3 in the morning. The bus system is just as excellent and the taxis are cheap!

TMB – Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona

Bycicle & “Bicing”
Barcelona recently launched it’s new Bycicle service called “Bicing” (, which allows you to rent a bike for a short time to get quickly from one location to another. The renting fees are small as the system is aimed to be an alternative to other public transport.
By making yourself a member you will be send a card, which you can use to pick a bike from one of various automated stations over the citycenter. You are giving two hours to ride around, with the first half an hour free of charge, before you will have to take your bike to another station. Every other half an hour costs 0,30 € and anual fee is 24 €. (There is a promotion of 6 € uptil the 6th of July 2007)

Scooters are a great way of moving around quickly in Barcelona, either for shopping, sighseeing or going to the beaches. The mild temperatures allow riding scooters throughout the year. With a 125cc machine you can even run on a highway and visit some of the fantastic locations nearby Barcelona. For instance take a ride along the seaside, watching the Mediterranean sea and feeling the warm air in your face when visiting the nearby beaches!

Scooter Rental

Sometimes escaping Barcelonas busy streets is necessary and the fastest way to escape is just taking a train from the center and going to one of the nearby towns and cities or straight to the beach.


Estacion del Norte

Flying to Barcelona you will usually arrive at “El Prat”, Barcelonas international airport. Recently Reus Airport became increasingly important with Ryanair.

AENA – spanish airports website