September 26, 2011

Documentary Fotografie

How did Barcelona look like 50-100 years ago? What did people dress like? There are currently a few fotografic exhibitions going on which exactly show that. If you want to see how much the city has changed, and what is still the same, I recomment all of these exhibitions.

Also to be mentioned the famous catalan fotografer Francesc Català Roca, who’s exhibition in the Pedrera just closed, but will be one of the most important persons to document the city life during the last century:

Brangulí @ CCCB
Jacques Léonard @ Arxiu Fotogràfic

A view on the works of Barcelona last century star architect Sarnier also shows a lot of fotografs of that time:

Sagnier @ CaixaForum

September 28, 2008

cordula meer

Singer and songwriter cordula meer is playing one of her rare gigs in the sala monasterio in Barcelona on the 29.9. (21:30h). To find out more about her music and listen to some of her songs, check

June 30, 2008

Spain wins the Euro 2008 title

Spain wins the Euro 2008 titleBarcelona’s Plaza Catalunya filled quickly yesterday night after Spain beat Germany 1:0 in the finals of the 2008 European football championship.

March 14, 2008


GentlemanGood reggae vibes in Apolo, when german reggae artist Gentleman played a gig in Barcelona yesterday. The mixed, young audience had no problem singing along his most famous tunes and helped to make it a nice, feel-good evening.

March 9, 2008


calçotadaRather than a normal dish, the calçotada is a happening: specially for this event cultured spring onions are barbecued on an open fire. The way to eat them, is to hold to one end of the onion and draw off the outer, burnt layer with the other hand. The onions are served with a special sauce on the base of tomatoes, almonds and olive oil. Dip and enjoy… yummy! For all the non vegetarians amongst you: This is usually just the first plate before a barbecue style main course, so don’t say no if you ever get invited to a calçotada!

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