Kinos & Videotheken


If you get tired of speaking and hearing spanish and catalan all day, a movie in your mother tongue might be a good escape. There are a few cinemas in Barcelona which will show movies in their orginal version, here are some of them:

Cines Verdi
Verdi & Verdi Park (Metro: Fontana)

Cines Renoir
Floridablanca (Metro: Universitat y Sant Antoni)
Renoir Les Corts (Metro: Les Corts)

Yelmo Cineplex
Icaria (Metro: Ciudadela Villa Olimpic)

Boliche (Metro Diagonal)

Cine Méliès

Video Clubs

Movies on DVD are a great way to learn a language. Depending on your level of Spanish you can use the subtitles to help you understand. Either set the soundtrack to spanish and add english subtitles or the other way around.
There is a number of places where you can rent DVD’s.
One way is becoming a member of a Video Club.

A huge selection and as they claim “every video edited in Spain” you can find in:

Video Instan

Public libraries or the Mediateca CaixaForum are cheaper ways to rent DVD’s.
More information on that in the section “books & libraries”.