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Yet another bocadillo?

You don′t know what a bocadillo is? Well you soon will know. At the latest after visiting this spanish fast food restaurant with the yellow letters the 15th time in your first week. But are there alternatives? You probably won′t try these restaurants on the Ramblas as you don′t want to be a tourist. That′s a good idea so far. But what else?

Tapas, tapas, tapas

A great spanish invention. Small snacks that you can get in nearly every spanish bar. “A typical Spanish street usually has a tapas bar, then a bank, then a tapas bar, then a bank. If the bank is closed then a tapas bar is open and viceversa.” Specially recommended are the numerous basque tapas bars in Barcelona. In Granada tapas come for free with every drink! In Barcelona they are not. And you are hungry. So we have to keep on searching alternatives.

Sagardi Euskal Taberna (quality basque bar in “el Born”), Carrer Argentera 62

The solution from far east

Chineese restaurants are surprisingly cheap in Spain. At least during the day they normaly have complete menus with a drink for 5-7 Euros. You can′t expect 5 star quality, but in general it′s ok.

Sol Naciente, Paseo de Colon 23

Chino 2, Carrer de Pelai, near Pl Universitat

Chino 3, Carrer de Balmes, near Pl Universitat

Fresc Co & Co

There are several self service restaurants in the city. One of them is “Fresc Co”. They have excellent salads and then they have Pizza & Pasta. If you have ever been to Italy and you love their food, then do not touch the Pizza-Pasta stuff here. Get a salade “to go” (3,50 Euros) and leave the restaurant Another self-service Restaurant you find in Via Laietan near Plaza Jaume.

Fresco, Carrer Carme 16,
Fresco, Av. Diagonal 449,
Fresco, Ronda Universitat 29,
Fresco, Salvador Espriu 31-35,
Fresco, Valencia 263

Maoz Falafel

Best Falafel in town. A dutch company that showed up first in Carrer Ferran in 2001. Now you find it also near the Boqueria Market.

Maoz Falafel, Calle Ferran con Vidrio, Rambla cerca Boqueria


In the main building of UB (Placa Universidad) there is a small cafeteria where you can get something to eat. Not the very best quality, but cheap.

Cafeteria Universidad

Still hungry at 4am?

Yes, there are some 24h shops and bars in Barcelona, but you probably have to buy a bocadillo again. But at this hour you probably don′t mind.

Bar Paris is famous and completely crowded on Saturday night at 5pm (there are a lot of clubs in this area). Vips is a 24h shop, you can by everything there. Lido is a small 24h shop, they have good sandwiches.

Bar Paris, Carrer Paris con Carrer d′Aribau

Vips, Rambla de Catalunya

Lido, Gran Via con Carrer Casanova (near Pl. Universitat)