Studying in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the world´s most dynamic, cosmopolitan cities – living on the edge of fashion, design and music. Its vibrant nightlife is unique in Europe, making Barcelona different! The city has its own style, influenced by students, architects and the alternative scene. Anything is possible and everything is available!

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, located on the coast and less than 150 kilometres from the Pyrenees skiing areas. The city enjoys a warm, welcoming climate and pleasant temperatures throughout the year due to its location on the shores of the Mediterranean. In Barcelona, as in the rest of Catalonia, there are two official languages: Catalan, the regional language, and Castellano (Spanish).

Erasmus in Barcelona

Barcelona has six universities that accept thousands of students from abroad every year – ranging between those who are on an “Erasmus Program”, a Master of Business Program or studying, for example, cinematic arts. Depending on the University and the subjects, classes are held in Catalan or Spanish. Only at the business school will you find some classes taught in English. For further information, see our Universities Section.

Life in Barcelona has been increasingly expensive in recent years, although the current crises at least seemed to have bugged that trend! We will have to see and wait if the current oversupply of unsold flats will have a positive effect on flat rental prices. In our “Find a Room” and “Accommodation” sections we give you information to help you find a place to stay.

Be aware that in this wonderful city “the night begins only at midnight”! This may make serious studies a bit difficult from time to time. Apart from this, you will be surrounded by many foreign students, leaving you with only a small chance of actually meeting Spaniards or Catalans. But you can use our intercambio section to practise your Spanish / Catalan, and to meet ‘locals’.

Studying in Barcelona is a great experience! So much that at the end of your stay, when you are sitting on the beach in a warm summer night, you won’t care about your credit points because you will definitely know that this year has changed your life!

A piece of advice: If you are planing on coming to spain only for studying and learning Spanish, better go to Salamanca, Valladolid or any other Spanish city with a famous University and Spanish as the only language.