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Where to stay on arrival?

Best thing to do is book a hostal or private room during the first couple of days. Take a look at our Short Term Accommodation Section.

It is a good idea to start looking for a shared apartment immediately after arrival in Barcelona. Rooms are usually easy to find within a few days – it´s not necessary to arrange this months in advance. The only months in which this may prove to be tricky is in September and in October.

Where to find a room?

Best places to find a room are the numerous notice boards at the universities, especially in the mainbuilding of UB (Universitat de Barcelona) at Plaça Universitat (Metro Placa Universitat),
Another option is a notice board at the CIAJ (Centre d’Informació i Assessorament per a Joves) at Carrer Sant Oleguer, 6-8 (Metro Paralel or Drassanes),
Or the web page:,
Refer also to our list of student residences,
Entire flats can be found in the Sunday print of the “La Vanguardia” newspaper. Be aware that some apartments may require a bank deposit of 6 months!

Room prices are around 300-400 Euros per month. Landlords usually ask for one month’s rent as deposit. Remember not to forget a receipt when paying the rent!

TIP: Don’t pay agencies in advance for lists of rooms or flats, you might never see your money again nor those who you gave it too!

Where are all these rooms?

City Map of Barcelona
Which neighbourhood should I choose?

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